Chapter 3 – Lessons worth learning

I left my life behind to travel to Thailand and this is what I’ve come to realize:
1. I own WAY too much ‘junk’ and with that I PACKED too much!! (Time to purge)
2. I’ve been nearly killed at least twice by California drivers and it still feels safer than driving (or crossing the street) in Thailand!
3. Who you surround yourself with matters more than who you separate yourself from.
4. Don’t let America fool you, that massage you’re getting at the local Thai Massage Spa is NOT what they are providing on the streets of Thailand! 😂
5. You can be anything/anyone you want to be, don’t let someone else decide your fate.
6. First impressions matter, but you can’t hide who you are forever, so make sure you are always being yourself.
7. Living in triple digits heat isn’t easy, but one you get used to it, 75•f is TOO COLD to got on your scooter without a jacket! 😂
8. If you don’t like something, change it or move on. Nobody want to hear you complain about it.
9. You won’t like/get along with everyone… that’s okay, it’s their loss.
And last but not least…
10. Always say YES the first time, you never know when the opportunity will arise again.
With at least 3 more weeks here in Thailand before I go to Cambodia, I’m looking forward to learning more about everything… knowledge is power, my friends.

Photo Credit: J.Rupe

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