Chapter 4 – The weekend of realization

Sunday morning I woke up early, as planned, and hit the trail with a friend. Pilgrims Path! 14km (over 8 miles) up and down. We started the day on an emotional low, both of our debit/credit cards were not working and we were running low on Thai Baht. We weren’t even sure we were going to make it through the next week, financially. Dealing with banks from overseas while unable to use a proper phone was near impossible.

The trailhead was about 30 minutes outside of town, it was a nice drive on the scooter. After about 45 minutes into our hike, after getting a little lost in the jungle, sweating ourselves into a new weight class and seeing some bugs the size of Texas we came upon a GORGEOUS meditation retreat / temple (Wat Pha Dat). I was able to use some quiet time to do some soul searching and meditation in the main temple while my friend wandered the grounds in search of a loo.

We then continued on, another 75 minutes up the trail to the main temple, Wat Phra That Doi Suthep. This temple and the little town surrounding it were absolutely magical. Our vibrations were reset and my friend got great news, she had money in her account and access to it! She bought us lunch and an iced coffee as a well deserved meal at the top of the mountain, we had, after all, just gotten through the most treacherous part of the hike.

The 309 steps we had to take to get to the main temple was just another little level of accomplishment we would pridefully enjoy. It was time to meditate… we got blessed by a monk, he splashed water on us as he prayed. She fell asleep for an hour while I adventured around the stunning temple. Overlooking Chiang Mai was a sensation I will never forget. All those people, all that space, everything was moving and yet it seemed as if the earth stood still.

I watched as people provided Thai Reflexology Massages outside the temple. People from all over the world came to see this glorious temple and get traditional Thai massages, I was living the dream, and learning how to bring the dream home with me. I was over half way done with my Thai Massage Class and I knew, at that moment, learning Thai Massage would change my life forever. I would never go home and go back to what I did before, not that I didn’t love what I was doing before. Now I knew what more could be done.

Photo Credit: J.Rupe

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