Barefoot Thai Massage

What is Barefoot Thai Massage?

Barefoot Thai massage is an ancient form of bodywork that uses the providers body weight to perform deep tissue work on specific pressure points, resulting in the client feeling refreshed and stimulated. Using a cane for balance and support to vary position and weight, the practitioner applies pressure by using different foot strokes with the feet on the body’s muscles.

The movement is like a slow motion walk, pressing and pulling, pushing and releasing on the client’s muscles, elongating them to release tension. This massage is ideal for those who desire a gratifying and results-driven treatment i.e. athletes, body builder, larger clients, and those who can never get enough pressure in a massage. This “add-on” massage is performed with the client wearing loose comfortable clothing while lying on a cushioned mat on the floor.


Benefits of Barefoot Thai Massage

– Promotes circulation of blood, lymph and energy
– Improves function of vital organs
– Releases muscle tension and adhesions
– Provides deeper pressure than most other modalities


Barefoot Thai massage should not be confused with a full body massage as the service is considered an additional service. It is important to warm up the body before proceeding to provide work as deep as Barefoot Thai massage. Working with the feet and knees of the provider, through slow and deep pressure points, the receiver will feel a release of muscle tension and can relieve chronic pain.


Check out This Description for more information!


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