Some Changes are Temporary others are Permanent. 

As I mentioned in previous posts, while it is possible to get a detox wrong, as long as you get it right you will be helping yourself in several different ways.

I have outlined some of the best ways you can start to detox to set yourself on a healthier path. Incorporate these things into your daily life to make a lifestyle change or do a purge of a few days to boost your immune system and kickstart your metabolism.


Choose the Right Foods: One of the best things you can do to support your body’s detoxification process is to lighten its load and decrease the toxins you put in your body in the first place. Choose organic vegetables and fruits over processed foods.

Get your Blood Pumping: Exercise will help maintain a healthy body. Exercising helps you sweat, and aids in releasing toxins through your skin. Movement practices such as yoga, qigong and tai chi can be extremely beneficial during detox.

Get your Zen On: Meditation, massage and other bodywork practices can assist in reducing stress. Stress can be as toxic to your health as chemicals. A troubled mind can cause the physical body to function poorly.

Diet: Detoxifying your body is not only about what you avoid, but also about what you consume. Following a healthy diet can go a long way during a detox. There is a wide variety of foods that aid in the detoxification of body and mind while helping cleanse the body. Many diet programs promote cleansing and detoxification.

Purify the Air You Breathe: Breathing clean air is another way to limit your exposure to harmful toxins. While you can not control your entire environment, you can control the air in your home and sometimes, office. Pollen, pollution, fumes, pet dander, mold, mildew, and microorganisms can make the air in your life more toxic than the air outside. Having plants around the house and around your work environment is a great and natural way to remove toxins from the air. If you do not have a green thumb, a good air purification device is the best way to keep your air fresh and toxin-free.

Purify Your Body With Water: Water is possibly the most valuable tool for detoxifying your body. The most basic functions of the body require water.
If you are one of those people that find the taste of water boring, try my Detox Water recipe.

Photo Credit: J.Rupe


When choosing a complete body detox program, you should be sure to do some research and understand what it takes to go through a true detoxification.
A complete body detox is a step-by-step process that focuses on each organ involved in ridding the body of toxins. The program should focus on removing harmful organisms, chemicals, and toxic metals while cleansing your colon, liver, and kidneys.
Cleansing the colon is an important part of any full body cleansing protocol.
A complete body detox is a long and committed process but can be especially rewarding.


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