Herbal Ball Treatment

What is an Herbal Ball Treatment?

Customarily, a Thai Herbal Ball (HB) contains specific Southeast Asian herbs such as tamarind, kaffir leaves, lemongrass, plai root, and other ingredients. Sometimes the ingredients for this pressing herbal sphere may differ in different parts of the world.


Benefits of an Herbal Ball Treatment

— Helps radiate heat through the body
— Creates efficiency for various organs
— Oxygenates blood
— Detoxifies the body
— Enhances circulation
— Reduces muscle strain and joint stiffness
— Alleviates migraines, arthritis and anxiety

-Increases Blood Pressure, temporarily
*contraindication if you have high blood pressure


The herbal qualities at Malee Massage are carefully selected so that they blend well together and form a therapeutic mix that will benefit the specific ailments and complaints of the recipient.

Malee Massage uses local and organic when available.

Compresses are steamed and applied directly to the skin
do not hesitate to ask the provider to adapt the heat and /or the pressure level
if you find them too hot. 


Contact Me for more information!

photo credit: Akaphon




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