Traditional Tok Sen


What is Tok Sen Therapy?

The gentle knock knock, knock knock of the  wooden mallet tapping the wedge into muscles vibrates deep into the body and provides sound therapy to calm nerves and deepen relaxation.

“Tok” means to hit and “Sen” refers to the energy pathways within the body.

It is said that the origin of this style of bodywork originated in Thailand. After a hard day’s work in the paddy fields, farmers often needed some serious bodywork. Not having access to all the stretching and compression techniques of Traditional Thai massage, the farmers evolved a more simple technique. A wooden hammer and mallet is tapped along the sen with a steady staccato rhythm creating a vibrational feel, helping to open the channels and release tension, pain and tightness.


Benefits of Tok Sen Therapy

— Releases muscle tension
— Provides pain relief
— Improves blood circulation
— Removes energy blockages
— Helps with nerve problems
— Reduces stress on weight-bearing joints
— Encourages blood and lymph circulation
— Improves function of vital organs

Tok Sen Therapy is especially good for people with dense bodies.


The Tools

The Tok-Sen tools are made of sacred materials which include tools made of heartwood or tamarind, which are believed to remove negative energy. Traditionally certain rituals are performed while obtaining the wood and during the construction of the tools. Legend says that the best Tok Sen mallet and hammer comes from the wood of a tamarind tree struck by lighting. Once carved, a Buddhist monk blesses it, giving it special healing powers.

Producing penetrating vibrations that resonate through the deep layers of tissue and bones, these vibrations relax stiff bodies and provide pain relief. It is a rhythmic massage that is administered with a combination of consecutive taps and continuous movement along the sen lines to disperse energy.

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Photo Credit: J. Rupe






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