Jazmine was so kind to come to my house and gave me the most amazing massage . It was just what I needed. I had to postpone my appt due to health reasons and she was very accommodating for me. Thank you so much .
My massage was so relaxing and soothing for me . nice products and soft music were used that keep me in a Zen mood. I did not want her to ever stop. Loving it !
The moves she has acquired are ones new to me . Nice . With her moving my body . She worked out all my kinks. Very respectful of my modesty too . Awesome techniques with just the right pressure. I even got a cleansing feeling to me after I was done with my ultimat massage . With the schooling she has taken it shows !!!!.Jazz is very knowable professional. I would recommend her to anyone who wanted a great massage. Just so happy she is back in the Monterey area. I will be calling for more of what she has to offer me in my massages. Can’t do all the tricks in one setting .Thank you so much for accommodating me with our appt and let’s do it again soon .

Pacific Grove Ca.


“With the schooling she has taken it shows”